Inspired by the enchanting island of Capri in Italy and the natural beauty of mother-of-pearl. Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and timeless sophistication. Our mother-of-pearl collection embodies the fascinating attraction of the ocean and the radiant sun dancing on the waves. Each piece has been carefully crafted to capture the mysterious shimmer of mother-of-pearl while reflecting the tranquil elegance of Capri.


Inspired by the timeless elegance and sophisticated charm of the fashion metropolis Milan. In addition to the layering styles, we offer essential pieces that must not be missing in any jewelry collection. These timeless classics are versatile and can be worn individually or combined with other pieces of jewelry.


Our Portofino collection embodies the lively atmosphere of the Italian coastal town of the same name. Each piece of jewelry presents a stunning combination of sparkling stones and bright colours. Discover the magic of Portofino and surround yourself with sparkling stones and colourful eye-catchers.


The delicate and filigree pieces of our Venezia collection are like artistic masterpieces. From delicate bracelets that gently wrap around your wrist to delicate earrings that frame your facial features, each piece has been handcrafted with attention to detail to offer you a piece of jewelry of timeless elegance.