Jewelry Gift Guide: Holiday & Christmas Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry can be the perfect gift to start the new year. It is a message of love and hope and of new beginnings.

Designed in Berlin and with the essence of this cosmopolitan city, all Haus of Dietrich jewelry is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen.

Jewelry Gift Guide: 5 Gift Ideas for a Holiday Season

Consider these 5 gifts to send a message of love, hope and new beginnings to your loved ones.


Haus of Dietrich Bracelet Sterling Silver Armband

Milano Heart is the ideal bracelet to stack and style. This sterling silver bracelet features a heart shaped pendant charm with a variety of link chains. A must-have to be worn anytime and anywhere.


Haus of Dietrich Park Avenue

Park Avenue is a best seller every year, thanks to its flexibility quality and charm. Two jewelry pieces in one, it can be worn as a wrap bracelet for every day or alternatively, for evening dress-up as the season’s must-have accessory – the choker. Made in 18-carat gold plated sterling silver.


Haus of Dietrich Milano Knot Earrings

Milano Knot Earrings are the perfect stylish gift for the holidays. Classic, elegant and timeless. Made in 18-carat gold plated sterling silver.


Haus of Dietrich Aquamarine Bracelet

Venezia Aquamarine Bracelet is a Haus of Dietrich favourite for a reason: Unique Aquamarine Stones that leave you dazzled. Perfect to give to a loved one! To combine with the bracelet, you have different versions of the Venezia Aquamarine necklace:

  • Find here the Venezia Aquamarine Necklace.
  • Find here the Venezia Aquamarine Pendant Necklace.


Haus of Dietrich Venezia Amethyst Ring

Venezia Amethyst ring will enhance every look and is the perfect gift. Our fans have asked for different stones so that they can stack their rings with the Quartz, Blue Topaz and Citrine versions.

With The Haus of Dietrich Jewelry Gift Guide, we hope that we can help you choose the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season.